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Dazon Raider 150 Double

  Movie Clips . If you have any of yourself send them to us. These clips are of a 2003 Dazon Raider 150 single seat with an FMF Pipe, ITP rims and Sand Devil paddle tires. The driver is 225 lbs.

CORNEJO the Tornado
2004 Tuff Truck Series  Tufftruck.avi              
Oceano Dunes  Dunejump.avi

2017 Tuff Truck Series  2017tufftruck.wmv

2003 Dazon Buggy Video Clips    HillRun.wmv  Pismobowl.wmv



2004 Raider 150R Single Seat are now available.
2004 Raider 150R Doubles are now available.
Raider Max 175cc Singles and Doubles , liquid cooled, available now! Limited supply so reserve one today! Call for details. .
White Bros Pipes for the Raider 150s are now in stock.


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